Monday, October 27, 2008

Man-kitten Monday

Well it was Jerry's birthday on Friday, but who cares about that ?
To make up for it the humans went to the Pet Supermarket on Sunday and bought ME lots of presents !
1. A new collar. My 'kitten' collar was decidedly tatty, so I've got a grownup one now. Man-CAT Monday! The bell on it is very jingly and last night the humans had to take it off at (their) bedtime in order to get some peace.

2. A new catnip toy. It looks like a sack, but has feathers sticking out. Unfortunatley that stupid Pug has already chewed one of the feathers off so I best had make sure to keep it out of her way.

3. Fancy kibble
This time the BOGOF offer was not running, so instead they got me swanky Hills brand kitten food. On the package was a code to donate £2 to the Blue Cross, which Brill sorted out last night for me. What can I say, I do a lot of work for charity.

4. Toothpaste and finger brush
Well I'm not to sure about the brush, but I'll let Brill rub as much of the toothpaste into my chops as she likes- Yum!

5. Ear cleaner
I think this is actually for the Pug, as my hearing is super sharp ! I can hear the rustle of a kibble bag at 100 paces !

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday snapshot

Yesterday brother-in-law Ryan (and his wife Sandra) came for a visit. As you can see, he and Pepe hit it off straight away. They have two Golden Retrievers, Momo and Jaijai. We humans went to Gourmet Burger Kitchen, and then took Pepe for a walk in the park. Maybe next time they will bring their dogs too!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday review- polka dot door mat

Hello, Simba here. Gosh I'm a bit nervous about doing my first review, but here goes...

My review is of the polka-dot door mat. As you can see I enjoyed sitting on it. Unfortunately the stupid humans put in front of their front door (I mean who'd even want to go outside?) , which also meant in front of their letterflap... you can guess the consequences... Brill always seems to be getting books thru the post.

But then one day there was an accident (wee), and the coir fibre proved impossible to clean/ odour remove. Therefore the polka-dot mat is no more, and even worse, the home furnishing store they bought it from has closed! (Butlers)

Sweet dreams, love Simba x

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday 13- Pepe's names

1. Pepe, most commonly used and what we generally tell people she is called.

2. Pierrepoint. This is our proper name for Pepe, as mentioned in an earlier post she is named after the film Jerry & I watched on our first date, aww x

3. Falecea Skye's the limit. This is her pedigree name, oh lala !

4. Pepper - like black pepper !

5. Peps

6. Pepsi

7. Pepe Le Pug - sometimes she can be a bit smelly

8. Pepperoni

9. Peeps- she has such big pretty peepers (eyes)

10. to be confirmed
11. "
12. "
13. "

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

*comes with Free Pug !

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday review- rawhide chew

The rawhide chew was amongst the things the breeder gave us when we collected Pepe. It has lain dormant until this day... I was amazed and repulsed in equal measure when I saw the results of a Pug's patient chewing of this material. Pepe had managed to work one of the knots off, and the result I can only describe as being chewing gum for dogs. Does anyone else give their Pugs these ? I believe their use needs to be supervised incase Puggy chokes on an unchewed section :S

Monday, October 13, 2008

Man-kitten Monday

You may think that this blog is all about that stupid Pug, Pepe, but I'm here to let you know that I'm the real star of the show. I mean, have you ever seen a longer kitten ?

Today I'm going to let you in on some of the similarities between me, Jesse James and that stupid Pug, Pepe.

1. We are both black with white bits
Myself I have adorable little white gloves on my hands and socks on my feet. Pepe has a splodge on her chest. I believe this is called a mismark, and if I'd have gone to the breeders instead of the humans I would have asked for a discount on this faulty Pug.

2. We're both named after movies/ movie stars
Myself I am named after Brad Pitt in "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford". I don't think there's a handsomer star in Hollywood, and therefore I congratuate the humans on this most suitable name.

Pepe is named after the film "Pierrepoint". This was the film the humans went to watch on their first date. It is about the last hangman in England- romantic huh? In fact it was recently on TV and in the guide it descibed it as 'dour and haunting' if I remember correctly. Albert Pierrepoint is played by Timothy Spall who is almost know for his bad looks , ha! Again good work humans, good name choice !

3. We both like eating leaves
Now that autumn is here there is a much larger supply of dead leaves blowing into the backyard for us to snack on. It's not fair that Pepe gets to go out to the park on walks where there will be even more tho! (Simba is scared of leaves).

Friday, October 10, 2008


9. Newspaper
I love getting the paper at the weekend, mainly Saturdays. We always get The Guardian. I have a specific order I read the section in- first is always The Guide, then the Weekend magazine. I like the smaller sections like Family and of course the Review part, which also has the Quick Crossword!
Sometimes we get The Observer on Sunday if it is the monthly food suppliment.
When we lived in Hulme we'd always walk over to the 'student' newsagents on campus where all papers are sold half-price.

10. New job... ?
Excitingly, I have a job interview on Friday 17th !
Fins crossed x

Sunday, October 5, 2008


6. "No"
I think this is a very important command for your dog to learn - see also leave/ down/ off etc. Not everything is a toy, or a chew, and there are times when humans don't want a Puggie jumping up at them. We still have some work to do on this one however.

7. Nails, or maybe claws.
The cats both have white claws which are really easy to trim as you can see where the vein is, but Pepe's are black. A couple of times I have trimmed hers and she has yelped so I guess I've taken too much ? But it's never bled. I think from looking at advise online little and often is the best policy, and maybe now that Pepe can go for walkies there will be some natural abrasion from walking on pavements.

8. Naptime
After the chaos in the morning that sees feeding of breakfasts, trips outside to "get busy", and maybe a spot of play there generally descends a snoozieness as everyone's bellies are full and bladders empty, excess energy burned off.

9. N...

Friday, October 3, 2008

10 things beginning with... N!

1. Nichola- LOL this is my name 'in real life'

2. November- which means Bonfire Night and also the switching on of the Christmas lights in the city centre. Me &Jerry have gone every year- there is normally a low-level celebrity plugging their hope for Xmas number 1 and casts from the various pantomimes on... I wonder how Pepe will cope with fireworks ?

3. Nintendo! I love my Nintendo DS and remember when I had the Nintendogs game, which was the closest I then came to playing with a Pug. Never in my wildest dreams then did I imagine that I'd actually own one ! I love the Ace Attorney games, but most recently have been hooked on Viva Pinata :)

4. (k)Nitting - A couple of months ago there was a Knitting Guide in the Guardian paper. From it I was inspired to try making an iPod cosy. I learned to knit in Primary school, but was very rusty and had to look online for videos that showed me how to cast-on !
At the moment I'm making a scarf for Jerry's birthday (October 24th), and who knows maybe I'll try making something for Pepe.

5. Neighbours
Since getting Pepe we have naturally had to spend a lot of time standing in the back yard. We have gotten to start to talk to our neighbours ! There is a couple with a little toddler, and also a glamorous lady who lives upstairs. Before we only ever heard her clomping about in her heels above us LOL
And now that Pepe can go for walkies we have started to meet people who live slightly further than just our street. Today we met a little girl & boy- the girl was asking if we went to the Park with Pepe often, and would it always be at around that same time of day- Aww!

.. gosh this is difficult !
I might have to think about it and come back...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tip-top Thursday

Pepe had her second Vaccine on Monday, so since then we have been able to go for proper walkies!

Our flat just has a back yard, but we are really close to the park so we just head on over there. I've not been confident enough yet to let her off the lead, but might give it a go at the weekend :)