Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sundal Sunday

(I can see on my Dashboard that I'm getting close to 100 posts, which I really want to achieve (and beyond!) but some evenings the last thing I want to do is sit down in front of the PC again ...)

Anyway, here is a recipe I made last weekend: Sundal
It is supposed to be a snack of chickpeas, peanuts, coconut and other bits and pieces to spice it up ! We ate it as a meal instead with basmati rice. It was very filling !

Anyway, the best part was probably the fresh coconut. Jerry broke it open- the water inside was really sweet ! Then we had to prise out the flesh. I generally don't like coconut things- cakes at least, but I think that's because dessicated coconut is so dry, ugh! But the fresh coconut was really creamy. I also loved the contrast between the coarse hard hairy shell and the perfect white flesh inside- like snow !

Of course at the end we gave Pepe one of the halves of the shell to play with (after we took as much of the hair off )... and it has become her new favourite toy
1. it is nice and hard to chew on
2. it is noisy if she scuttles it along the floor-

3. if she has it the other way up it can make a handy crash helmet :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sentimental Saturday

Yesterday was our Wedding Anniversary- one year! And where has the time gone... ?

As a paper present I got Jerry a new Paris guidebook (we're going in July). For his modern present- which is clocks - I got him the 'Sailing' Swatch:

And my present off Jerry was a clock- a Kit-Cat Klock ... I love it ! We've put it in the front room and hopefully so far Jesse James hasn't biffed it off the wall

Next year it is either cotton, or china...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mancat Monday- poorly pussy cat

Well Jesse James has been having a little trouble over the weekend... in the litter box area.

He has been going in his litter box lots, but not really producing a lot of urine; and what he has has been quite dark.

We took him to the vet's today to get him checked over. The vet was quite nice and said it was a surprise that such a young cat should have a urine problem.

So first of all he had to suffer the indignity of the thermometer up his bum, then an injection, and then the vet started explaining how a male cat's penis wasn't like a human male's and basically a bit rubbish- poor Jesse !

We've got some tablets to give him for the next week, and hopefully that will be everything cleared up xxx I might look into seeing how much getting him pet insurance would be, if I can get a discount if I add him onto Pepe's premium ...

The vet also suggested a water fountain to encourage him to increase his fluids intake... and also flavoured water ???

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Easy like Sunday morning

Yeah maybe we would get them a bigger bed, but then they wouldn't have so much fun snuggling up :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Forecast

The weather here has been so strange all day. In work people didn't bring their coat because it had been nice in the week, but today was cooler and windy, so they regretted their decision.

When I was finishing I called Jerry at home and he said it was pouring down. In town we had blue skies however...

Then this evening it started to hailstone ! I couldn't resist running out in the yard to see if Pepe would follow- I don't think she's seen hailstone before ? Please excuse the pink rubber gloves as I was in the middle of washing the dishes LOL (I'm a big nerd I know)

The hailstone only lasted for a few moments; it was also raining really heavily which is why I'm cringing from the big splashes of cold wet rain :) But as you can see the sky looks bring like it's going to be over in a few seconds.

Please also note the large tree in the background. It's a horse chestnut and is blossoming at the moment. The blossom blows into our yard and Pepe loves to nom it all up which drives me Crazy !!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday - food parcel

Hooray, our package from Pets at Home arrived.

Mainly the order was placed to get Jesse James some more food, but some fun stuff always sneaks in :) We received:

2x 2kg bags of James Wellbeloved Adult cat food.
1- Turkey & rice; 1- Ocean white fish & rice
These were on Buy 1 get 1 free :)
Jesse James is now approx 1 yr old so we have moved him onto Adult food! No more 'junior' Jesse and 'Senior' Simba

1x Handi-Drink Pet Travel Bottle
The weather seemed to be getting nicer when I placed the order, I thought Pepe might have been panting more esp. when we took her for a jumbo-walk so this seemed a good idea for her to be able to get refreshments

1x Kong Snugga Wubba
Pepe used to have a puppy Wubba Kong, which got chewed & chewed until this is all that remains:
(When the fabric cover got too frayed it got removed & put in the bin !)
I got the Snugga one because on the page it said: "perfect for... cuddling up to at night" which I thought sounded sweet; but on the actual product packaging it says NOT for unsupervised use - which if we had gave it to her at bedtime then she would be unsupervised so I might contact them to point out that their advice is inaccurate :(

and finally
2x Giddy Kipper Catnip Toys
these were the real 'silly' item. My sis has recently got a thing for having kippers for her breakfast, so when I saw these toys on the site I thought it would be fun to order one for her - yes, she has a cat ! He is a Maine Coon called Louis x
When these arrived, they were massive. On the site there is no information re their size so I guess I expected them to be a 'normal' cat toy size.

Here is a side-by-side comparison to Pepe's Snugga:

It's even bigger than Pepe's toy !!!
I dunno if it's supposed to be life-sized or something ? Jesse James or Simba don't seem to be too fussed about their one :(
Maybe Louis will enjoy his more; I'm pretty sure it will at least bring a smile to my sis's face when she opens her package :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday review; Gok's Fashion Fix

Gok's Fashion Fix is a TV programme, on C4 8pm-9pm.

It's not something I'd desperately tune into, but is okay for something to have on in the background, e.g. ironing !

The premise is helping women make the most of less and offering alternatives to excessive shopping. On tonight's episode a lady had 200+ items in her wardrobe, 50 of these being white T-shirts !!!

Another part of the show is where the presenter, Gok Wan, does a challenge to put together a series of outfits from high street shops, which are put up against expensive designer pieces for the same look. So here's the reason why I'm mentioning the show on my blog- the presenter who finds the designer clothes - a Ms. Brix Smith-Start, has pugs !!!

So for me now the whole point of the show is waiting for the sections that have her on, just incase I get to see her doggies. Usually they are running amok in some designer boutique LOL

And there you have it- a pug = the ultimate accessory ?