Monday, August 24, 2009

Man-cat Monday- Jesse's return

Jesse is home!
It's so lovely to have him back.

The vet said he was very timid while he was in there, so I half-expected him to be a little traumatised by it all and hide when he came home, but he doesn't seem to be too bad.

They have tied the collar on using a strip of gauze- so it looks like he has a bonnet on LOL
He's also had a patch shaved on his front right leg from where they sedated him- pretty tough guy huh?

Thanks for all your comments guys xxx

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Another bad weekend.

Yesterday Jesse James was having toilet troubles again- in his litter box looking like he was trying to wee but nothing at all happening. Our vets is only open 10-12 on a Saturday, we only started thinking that he needed to be checked out after they were shut. Another vets was open til 5pm, but when we called them they said we couldn't really take him there as they weren't where he was registered & to call our normal surgery - even tho they were closed-to get details of their Emergency surgery...
We called the Emergency surgery which had a £75 fee to even look at him and it was in Cheadle Hulme- an area which we are not familiar with & we don't drive ... at this time the bottom line was that we couldn't really afford for him to be sick in any way, let alone having to pay £75 for the privilege of him being looked at. So we took the option of hoping that he'd be okay until Monday when his normal vets reopened (why do they always get sick outside of opening hours?)

Unfortunately in the evening it was clear that this wasn't going to happen, and at 9pm we set out to take him to the Emergency vets.
He has needed a catheter in his bladder, and has been kept overnight on a drip. He is being kept in today as there is blood in his urine... the bill so far is £565; there are going to have to be a couple of phone calls to parents today I think to ask for help.
It's such a horrible situation; if he needs any more treatments I think we're having to say we can't afford them ... apart from all this he's a healthy, happy and young cat. But if we don't get him completely sorted out and better then I'm sure the problem will just recur.

Yes, we will be taking out insurance after all this gets sorted :<

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday sad

Sadly Simba passed away last weekend. She had lost weight in recent months, but was still keenly eating and active, so we thought it was just old age (she was about 15 years old according to Jerry). But then towards the end last week she started to have toiletting problems so she went to the vet's on Saturday. I kindof thought in my heart that one of their options for her would be to put her to sleep, but we couldn't do it there and then, so she came home for what we hoped would be a weekend of pampering. Unfortunately on the Saturday afternoon she did seem to go downhill and she passed away that night.