Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday summary

We went to the vets again on Saturday... but it was only for Pepe to have her booster vaccination. (annoyingly I couldn't find the record for her previous vaccine, must remember to have a 'proper' look for it). The vet also gave her a bit of a once-over and said that she still had some of her baby teeth! We were just talking to another dog owner during the week about their 5-month old puppy losing their baby teeth (a Bedlington Terrier). So, the vet said it'd be better for them to be removed - Pepe's mouth would be less crowded with less places for food to get trapped, then causing plaque which can lead to worse problems. Has anyone else needed for their Pug to have baby teeth removed ?
Pepe says: "if you take out my baby teeth, I won't be able to chomp my rawhides as much!"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More good news... bad news

Good news: Jesse's back !
I busted the outlaw out of the vet's (once again) this evening, and this time we nabbed a handful of drugs as well- he has to take Dantrium (to help relax his bladder) & Baytril antiotic ;(
I dread to think how much his tab has run up to now, but like I say the vets have been very nice about it & we can pay monthly- phew!

Bad news- Jerry didn't get the Waterstones job. Oh well. The wages were crappy anyway. At the moment he has an application for 8th Day Vegetarian cafe. Well, he even goes one better and is actually a *Vegan* and he has also worked in kitchens before so I think >hope< that he's a shoo-in for it. In fact we used to go in there quite often when we were "courting" *blush

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Good news/ bad news

Well I'll get the bad news out of the way first- Jesse James is at the vets again for the weekend. On Saturday morning he was struggling to urinate again, and we know the drill by heart by now... At least we know he's in the right place to get the treatment he needs. The vets are also very good and are allowing us to pay off his bills in monthly installments, although at the moment it feels like we'll be paying it off for the rest of our lives ! that's the reason why I've not been blogging very much, as I don't want to have to keep on putting gloomy posts about him continuing to have problems :(

And the good news is that Jerry has an interview for a bookseller position for the Waterstones chain. The rate of pay isn't great (£5.75), and it's only 20hrs per week; but it'd be a start. And I think after he completes a probation period he'd then be entitled to a staff discount (I'm a real bookworm!) :>

Other good news was that Jerry's dad visited us today and took us for a 'big shop' at the supermarket. It was so much fun! We got big packs of spaghetti & penne pasta, rice, loaves of bread, tofu, multipacks of chopped tomatoes and Baked Beans (Jerry's favourite), plus loads of fruit & veggies. I could have easily spent double what we did, but didn't want to take advantage. Normally we go shopping on an almost daily basis- not to the supermarket but to closer shops for bits & pieces, it's very strange for the cupboards to be full !