Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas catch up

Christmas day came and went...
Jerry made us some snazzy party hats, as we never got any crackers

For dinner we had Roast pumpkin stuffed with wild mushrooms and hazelnuts and all the trimmings

Here I am writing in my adorable new Scheduler for 2010 (ok, the link isn't for the exact one, but very close and very cute!)

I think I'm frowning trying to remember something difficult, like Jerry's birthday ;)

And of course we needed to walk off all that food!
Here's Pepe modelling her snazzy scarf of Auntie Sandra- it is all the way from a shop called Doggie Goodie in Hong Kong

Actually Pepe has HATED the snow. If we don't keep her on her leash all the way around the park she just plonks herself down and refuses to take another step. These past few days it has melted a bit, but we're predicted for more heavy snow these next few days!


Liss said...

She looks so cute in her outfit!

The Devil Dog said...

Happy New Year!

Roxy & Lucky